“Digitalisation is an IT thing”
Expel the mindset that only IT departments should focus on digitalisation. Instead, embrace your digital natives who have a burning desire to make their daily life more productive.


Noteveryone Can Code

"Not everyone can code"
And that's just fine, both pro code developers and citizen developers can in today's era contribute to digitalisation. All thanks to low code platforms such as the Microsoft Power Platform.


Problem solution

"I don't want to create shadow IT"
Guess what, you have tons of it already through Excel and other non-supported IT tools! Expand your digitalisation strategy with low code capabilities and you will drastically reduce shadow IT.


No time

"We don't have time for this"
True that! IT is overloaded with demands, has challenges finding resources, is stretched to deliver within the time-to-market expectations from business... . Need more arguments?


Welcome to the low code revolution

Microsoft Power Platform, nothing ordinary

Leverage the Microsoft Power Platform to accelerate your digital transformation activities. Organizations embracing low code platforms experience a less costly way of digitalisation as well as being able to deliver more IT demands within a shorter period of time

Developers of all kind, unite yourselves

The Microsoft Power Platform empowers both citizen developers and pro developers. For citizen developers it provides a WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") & low code programming language. Pro code developers can leverage the huge amount of sophisticated capabilities often required to build more sophisticated solutions. Combining both perspectives together defines the true value that can be achieved with the Power Platform

Make sophisticated solutions of all kind

With the Microsoft Power Platform, you can take up a whole lot of productivity challenges. Going from simple data input apps to globally used, business-critical business applications. Combine this with a domain (HR, Finance, Sales, ...) agnostic view, a focus on repetitive (RPA) or complex processes (BPA), you will soon realize that you have a very powerful platform at hand to digitalize your organization.

Make it frictionless through Governance

If you truly want to succeed with the Power Platform, establish a proper governance model that allows you to empower your whole organization. Why would you stop after improving one process when you have a platform at hand allowing you to revolutionize your whole organization?

Data Enablement

Dataverse enables you to:

  • Centralize and work with any type of data
  • Stay Secure & compliant
  • Be scalable and keep your data available at all times

Data is at the center of everything a business does and powers the insights that can drive what it should do tomorrow. To thrive and grow, businesses need to capture, centralize, analyze, predict, present, and report data and do it all with a high level of agility.

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Business Applications

Thanks to Power Apps you are able to:

  • Easily build web -& mobile apps and web portals with a full featured low-code/no-code development experience
  • Empower business users to solve their own problems and easily share apps while maintaining security & governance
  • Pro developer extensibility enables a “no limits” platform that spans business users to professional developers

No matter which division or use case you have in mind, the rich set of capabilities allow you to provide business solutions in every area of your organisation.

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Business Automation

Power Automate allows you to:

  • Model business processes and automate workflows for your apps and services
  • Think deep and broad, from simple individual automation to advanced organizational scenarios with branches, loops, and more
  • Trigger actions, grant approvals, and get notifications right where you work
  • Leverage AI-power automation capabilities in your process automation activities

Wether you are looking to a complex business process automation use case (BPA) or a highly repetitive process (RPA), Power Automate is there to support you in your automation challenges.

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Business Insights

With Power BI you are able to:

  • Make sense of your data with ease, and drive quick and confident decisions across your organization
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in data prep and spend more time getting answers with AI-driven insights
  • Remove the complexity of managing multiple analytics solutions with a single, unified platform that gives every employee access to insights

Combining the immersive capabilities of Power BI and Power Apps allows you to provide real-time operational dashboards to your end users & decision makers.

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