Enter the low code revolution

Join us for the most exciting development in the world of business applications! Low-code platforms are accelerating the journey to a digital business by changing the way users and IT work together.
Learn how your organisation is impacted by this evolution, how you can find the citizen developers in your team and what a low code platform means for your business.


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Digital transformation can be a dream or a nightmare. For an individual, a company or a complete industry. But good or bad, the demand for digital transformation became a necessity.
Citizen developer
Say hi to a new breed of employees that will create new business applications in your organization. Their knowledge of the business combined with low-code platforms will be the start of a new revolution.
Low code platform
These evolving platforms are becoming more and more available for non-IT people and will allow business users to create applications that are useful, quickly made and immediately useable by any user.

Are you a citizen developer?

What makes you tick? Are you the problem solver of the team? The creative mind of the department? Or are you the go-to guy or girl when facing business issues?

Then you might be the next big thing in your organization! The Low Code Revolution is looking for a new breed of employees who are willing to take a step forward.
We call them the Citizen Developers.

Citizen developers are born in a consumer world where they have more control over technology. And now they want it on a corporate level. But not in the traditional “business versus IT” style, but together.
Citizen developers are no programmers. They focus on no-code or low-code initiatives that are easy to use and to share with the people sitting next to them. Their knowledge of the business combined with low-code platforms will be the start of many applications covering most of their needs.

Do you have it what it takes to become that citizen developer?
Business domain knowledge
Progressive mindset
Problem solving
Low code platform knowledge

Looking for help?

Appfie is an experienced team of experts that, over the years, acquired an in-depth knowledge in organizational changes, process management and implementation of technology. But the rise of the citizen developers, the use of low code platforms, forced us to rethink how organizations should look like. How can we embrace this change? But more importantly, how we can help your employees making this transition.

Each role in your organization is facing a different challenge. And every challenge needs a specific solution.

So, how can we help you?
Business executive
Looking to provide your business users access to low code platforms? You've come to the right place! We can help you defining your corporate strategy, your target operating model or even finding the citizen developers in your organization.
Citizen developer
Are you a citizen developer or you want to become one? Let us guide you on your journey and attend one of our courses! Or do you have company specific requests like project support, a proof of concept or even in-company training? Don't hesitate to contact us.
IT executive
Wondering how to embed a low code platform in your IT landscape? Then why not take Microsoft PowerApps, Flow and the Common Data Service for a spin and connect the services you're already using! We'll also empower your IT team so they can start supporting your organization.

Teamwork makes the magic happen

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