Are you dodging digital cowboys?​

The road to digital transformation is not easy. In today's fast changing world, organisations are finding it hard to keep up

Not many companies have seen their IT budgets increase during the last years and the rapid pace of change has pushed IT to achieve more with the same budget.

When it comes to recruiting, finding and retaining highly skilled resources is a challenge for everyone.

Ideally, business requirements should drive IT strategic plans. But aligning those two worlds is hard and getting business value from IT solutions is not always obvious.

Often a huge legacy landscape of systems must be maintained and supported to keep the business going.

Paper waste in a mobile world

A significant percentage of workers don’t sit behind a desk every day. So how can they genuinely use the digital capabilities they need?

Mobile devices are unleashing new levels of productivity and collaboration, leaving behind the printing of documents or daily data manipulation in Excel.
Workers are adopting a mobile-native mindset, and organizations should support this.

Digital cowboys and shadow IT

Workers are struggling to perform their job with the IT solutions they have. Too complex, unintuitive, hard to maintain or many functional gaps.

“If IT can’t help me, I’ll do it myself!” Did you know that many of your colleagues are so called “Digital Natives”? They literally grew up holding a smartphone, so is it a surprise that these people try to find or create their of digital solutions to use in their day-to-day job? Actually it’s not so difficult, tools such as Excel and Access are available at hand and are very open for them to create a solution that fits their need. All with the best intentions, but actually, they bypass all IT processes and contribute to shadow IT practices.

Say hi to the digital cowboys…

Now what if we could leverage these digital cowboys and empower them with a “low code framework” where they can assist in a structured manner to co-create digital value? 

Say hi to the citizen developer!

What is low-code?

Low-code development empowers citizen developers, those that are more familiar with the business side of applications, by providing them a framework so they can focus on delivering true business value. They use low-code platforms enabling rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training and deployment.

What's in it for me?

It doesn’t matter on which side you work, IT or business, everybody can benefit from low-coding:

  • Decrease your backlog
  • Increase the overall satisfaction
  • Have faster access to technological capabilities
  • Provide more value for the same budget
  • Have less waste in alignment and translation of needs
  • Enjoy the mobility increase