“We are looking to actively start using the Power Platform within our IT organization"

The growth rate of new features on the Power Platform is very steep. Therefore it's important that you can rely on a partner that has a dedicated focus and can - at all times - guide you in taking the right architecture choices


“We have a sizable use case but no in-house expertise to deliver"

Next to building up internal capabilities you might need to rely sometimes on an external partner to help you in delivering a use case. This way you don't miss out on immediate business value


“We would like to perform a Proof of Concept and explore the capabilities of the Power Platform"

Perfect, you will quite quickly feel the force of the platform through it's deep capabilities in business process automation, robotic processing automation, business applications and data management features


Product vision & goals

Product vision & goals

Every good project needs a product vision. It allows the team to continuously assess whether the vision is still in line with what's is being built. Combine this with qualitative product goals and you have what is needed to ensure that the team can focus on bringing the product to life


Budget & value driven

Budget & value driven

Endless budgets don't exist, we get that! That's why we always work towards a defined budget and ensure that you get the most value for the money you spent


Transparent & collaborative


We don't shy away of telling you what & how we did things. It's in our DNA to establish a transparent relationship with you


The success in delivering sophisticated use cases lies in the collaboration between you and us. Working as one big team with common eye on the target is what drives us

What's in it for you?

  • Budget control. At all times you'll have a view of how your budget is spent
  • Value for money. Our approach limits any waste during a project and ensures that every sprint value gets delivered
  • Flexibility​. Managing the product backlog allows you to take along any learning curve throughout the project and ensure that the execution of the work is 100% in line with your priorities
  • Expertise at your fingertips. Working with Appfie is working with a partner that has delivered 100+ use cases on the Power Platform. Take advantage of that expertise!

Ready to get empowered?

Contact Hinse, our relationship expert so we can figure out together what is the most important & valuable thing you are looking for.


  • Available every day to listen to your needs
  • Ready to take you to the next level of true Empowerment
  • We are in this together, trust is a must, let's start your journey