The Microsoft Power Platform is hot nowadays, as more and more organisations are using the platform to digitise their business. The digitisation aspect might not be new, but the way they do it actually is! Many people around the world that don’t have IT skills now rise as the so called citizen developers. These people use the Power Platform to build solutions for themselves or for their colleagues, in a low code fashion. Appfie strongly believes in the value that these citizen developers can bring, that’s why we launched Livia.


“My citizen developers have great ideas but don't know how to start”
Typically there are tons of pains & gains waiting to get tackled. In order to accelerate it's important to not only build up knowledge around the various Power Platform components but also have guidance from the start to do it right!

Architect Design

“We are not sure if our citizen developers make the right solution design choices for their use cases
It's important to ensure that a sustainable solution is designed right from the start. Excellent, well thought out design is key to avoiding debt creation and minimizes the need for refactoring


“We don't have any expertise ourselves to support our citizen developers”
Citizen developers often have more knowledge than the central team that is allocated to support them, there is then a big risk that not all aspects of delivering a use case have been considered

Citizen Developer

Mentoring for Citizen Developers

Build Power Platform Champions

Build Power Platform rockstars in your organization. No matter whether you are a complete novice, you just got started, or you have a specific knowledge gap, our mentoring program will close the gap in no time. Thanks to our personal mentoring approach we never treat 2 citizen developers the same, so every member of your team will receive their personal program​ for empowerment

Deliver Power Platform Use Cases

Why invest in building Power Platform competencies if there are no tangible outcomes for your organization? Our mentoring program not only focuses on building knowledge around the Power Platform, it also guides the citizen developer in delivering their use cases. This way not only is the citizen developer happy, the organization and the end-users that will use the solution are too!


Mentoring for the CoE team

Power Platform governance

Bring your central team up to speed with the platform governance capabilities of the Power Platform:

  • Environment management
  • Data management
  • Platform and use case security
  • Integration challenges
  • ... and much more
Seminar Room

Get inspired

Not sure yet where to start and would like to have a high-level overview of the Microsoft Power Platform? Follow one of our free "in a day" workshops by clicking here

What's in it for you?

  • Mentoring, anytime anywhere​. Remote capabilities through online meetings and QnA. This allows you to reach out for help when you need it.
  • Personal mentor​. The mentor oversees the use cases you are trying to deliver​ and Platform governance challenges you encounter. They identify and monitor your personal competence evolution​, guide & plan the Appfie technical coaches in line with the plan and report on the capacity spent by appointed team members.
  • Top-notch technical coaches​. Provide technical expertise​, coaching sessions on a specific competence gap​, help with defining the solution for use case​s, validation of your development according to best practices​, and help you in implementing specific components​.
  • Total empowerment. Obtain in-house capabilities to build and manage use cases built on the Power Platform

Ready to get empowered?

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