“We have no idea how many people are using the Power Platform within our organization”
Without the right program, people will use the Power Platform to solve their problems, that's a given. With the right program, you will enable and allow people to do so but in a sustainable & open way


“We are not sure about which governance capabilities the Power Platform has
It's very normal to immediately think about all the rules and procedures that should be in place to "control" citizen development. Rest assured that the Power Platform has everything you need, just don't make the mistake to overdo it and limit bottom-up innovation!

Create Value

“We don't have sufficient management buy-in to rollout a low code program
In the beginning you will find lots of sceptical people that don't believe in citizen development. Instead of spending all your energy in trying to convince them, why not focus on immediate business value through a few simple use cases and let those speak for itself?


Strategy & business value


Define & manage the way to drive your low code program in your organisation. Think about the way business value will be achieved, how divisions should work together, and how eventually a successful hybrid digitalisation model will be established

Business value

Ensure that it's not only about achieving business value. In addition, think about how your decision makers and the organisation as a whole can be made aware about it.


Governance & automation


Establish a baseline governance model and let it grow along with the maturity of your low code program


When your governance requirements grow it's time to make your life easier and establish a level of automation which supports the execution of governance activities


Nurturing & fusion teams


Inspire and make your organisation aware of the value it can bring. Find a way to onboard and incentivise citizen developers, and eventually turn them into Power Platform champions

Fusion teams

To enhance your low code maturity, try to establish teams that accommodate cross functional skills, a common development strategy and set goals for citizen and pro-developers needed in new projects


Support & Mentoring


Establish a production support process around use cases built by your citizen development community


Ensure that your citizen developers have the right level of mentoring so they can thrive in their Power Platform journey

What's in it for you?

  • True return on your Power Platform investment. Imagine the productivity gains you can achieve when your entire organisation is delivering digital value
  • Innovation mindset. When done correctly, innovation will spontaneously happen top-down and bottom-up
  • Acceleration. With Appfie on your side you can expect a real partner guiding you through the low code forest
  • Total empowerment. Obtain in-house capabilities to rollout your low code program

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