Our Services

Our services are uniquely defined to give companies the highest return on your Power Platform and their citizen development investment. Appfie does not only inspire, train and support your organisation, we can also help you in delivering modern app solutions onto the Power Platform.

So, how can we help you?

Inspirational sessions​

Is low-code development for me?

Appfie founder and low code fanatic Gert Vonck will take you on a tour on why the digital disruption is affecting your industry and how to prepare your organization for the next step.


Value discovery workshop

Through an on-site workshop, get a better understanding of how you can empower your organization with low-coding and the Power Platform.

  • What is low-coding and why is it important?
  • What is a citizen developer and where to find them in your organization?
  • To what extent can a citizen developer work autonomously?
  • Which operating model is required to have an optimal execution of the low-code strategy?
  • Choosing between low-code and traditional IT?
  • What is the Power Platform? A PowerApps, Flow, Power BI, CDS, and licensing overview.
  • Choosing between SQL and CDS, is it really so difficult?
  • Application lifecycle management and security with the Power Platform.
  • How to integrate the Power Platform in your existing IT landscape?

Power Platform workshop

Define the best Power Platform set up, based on proven industry best practices, within your existing IT landscape.

  • Understand the best practices to get the most from the Power Platform in terms of governance, data, and integration.
  • How can you fit the Power Platform into your existing IT landscape?
  • Define your future proof IT landscape and implementation plan to fit the Power Platform.

Strategy workshop

Through a strategic exercise, define the low code operating model to best suit your needs.

  • Discuss organizational requirements and understand your operating mode.
  • Learn the required operating model and citizen development competencies for low-coding.
  • Define the low-code objectives.
  • Create a change management plan for your organization.

Training sessions and hackathons

PowerApps and Flow

A two-day hackathon, where we empower and support you during the build of a real-life use case, based on your requirements. Our approach ensures a rapid and hands-on learning of PowerApps Canvas apps and Flow.

Power Platform Governance and the Common Data Service

Learn everything there is to know about the Common Data Service. And prepare your governance model to ensure compliance with regulations, reduce costs, and manage risk.

  • What is the Software Development Lifecycle with the Power Platform?
  • What is the Common Data Service and its’ integration capabilities?
  • How to start data modeling in the Common Data Service?
  • Understand the Common Data Service security model.
  • Discuss several Common Data Service solutions concepts.
  • Start your journey by setting up an environment, create your Damage management data model and prepare your security model.

Power BI dashboard in a day

The Power BI hackathon is a full day, hands-on, workshop for business-driven employees, covering the breadth of Power BI capabilities. Learn to use the Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service and build your own dashboards.

At the end of the day, attendees will understand how to:

  • Connect, import, and transform data from a variety of data sources.
  • Define business rules and KPI’s.
  • Explore your data with powerful visualization tools.
  • Build stunning reports.
  • Share your dashboards with your team.

Power BI data and integration

Learn the basics of Power BI. This comprehensive training gets you up and running with the tools, the modelling and how to integrate your data sources. This training includes:

  • A brief introduction to Power BI.
  • The set up of a Power BI environment.
  • Understand and establish connections with different data sources.
  • Learn how to start data modeling for Power BI.
  • Introduction to Power BI queries and learn the right approach.
  • The best practices for optimization, avoiding limitations and performance issues.
  • Cover all security concepts

Azure DevOps for the Power Platform

Start supporting your development teams to plan their work, collaborate on code development, and deploy applications with the Azure DevOps. This engaging one day training will guide you through:

  • The set up of Azure DevOps
  • The creation of an end-to-end pipeline to deploy PowerApps changes through your environments.
  • Tailoring the accelerator to your organization

Model driven apps and TypeScript

Get started as a developer with model driven apps and create apps that doesn’t require code.

  • A brief overview of the Common Data Service.
  • Overview of the model-driven applications.
  • Apply business logic using client scripting with Typescript.
  • Use the Web API and fetch data with FetchXML.

Amazing support for citizen developers

Curious what low-coding is all about? You had your first training and you are looking for more information about the Power platform or how to start the next low-code application? Our team is ready to coach and support you or your team of citizen developers throughout the challenges you will face.

Modern apps delivery and Platform Governance

Creation of PowerApps solutions and development

Whether you have an app idea that will increase the productivity of your team or you have a unique process that needs automation, Appfie is your partner!
Our consultants will help you to build your business application for a fraction of the standard IT project cost and have it deployed in half of the time.

Implementation of the Power Platform

Unlock the potential of Microsoft PowerApps, Flow and Power BI supported by the Common Data Model in a global and secure manner. Appfie will implement this platform so you can start to analyze, act, and automate your data to support the digital transformation of your businesses.

Implementation of the Low Code organisation

Successful app development requires effective collaboration between IT and the citizen developers in your organization. It ensures the apps they build are secure, compliant, and have the necessary access to other systems.
Request our blueprint and find out what a low-code organization should look like.