Shopfloor Operations

This shopfloor management solution offers Malmar a digital way to initiate, manage and report on the shopfloor operations. Thanks to the shopfloor app, the operator is able to select the right scheduled jobs, follow the instructions and ensure that the right quality for every product is guaranteed

Product capabilities

Shopfloor management app

  • Guided Job instructions
  • Overview of tools, subparts, docs & steps
  • Ask for help from supervisor

Shift leader app

  • Assignment of jobs to machines
  • Overview of load per machine

Quality App

  • Inspect & record quality of produced parts
  • Rejection reports
Solution components
  • Power Automate allows for a streamlined approval and notification process
  • PowerApps are split into the major user groups allowing for a focused approach, minimizing the security and overall weight and complexity of each app
  • Semi-automated shopfloor operations
  • Increase in quality of the products created by the Machine Operator
  • Better follow up capabilities by the Foremen