Serving the perfect Aperol Spritz is key for having an optimal consumer experience. The quality of the cocktail, which includes the Aperol brand and some other cocktail ingredients, are dependent on the way the bartender makes the the cocktail. Hence, it’s crucial for the Campari Group to understand which venues perform very well and who are the venues that can improve the serve. This SpritzHappens app allows all Camparistas to perform these reviews.

Product capabilities
  • Set your default country and region
  • Search venues and review ratings of other Camparistas
  • Enter a new rating to store price, quality, rating, comments and pictures
Solution components
  • Power Apps app to enter the Aperol Spritz ratings
  • CDS to store the ratings
  • Collect valuable drink data from Aperol Spritz servings in venues around the world
  • Turn the data into relevant market insights that serves into campaigns to evangelize the best bartenders and train the worst through the Campari Academy