Recipe Catalogue

The Campari Recipe Catalogue consists out of top-level recipes including the various Campari brands. They are used to inspire the markets and to increase brand consumption. The previous version of this app was built in FileMaker and had lots of limitations.

Product capabilities
  • Advanced search as typically available in an e-commerce website
  • Recipe card for every cocktail in the database
  • Generate PDF and send to target audience
Solution components
  • Tablet based Power App to present and discuss recipes
  • PDF generation through Plumsail to send the presented cocktails to the target audience
  • Common Data Service for underlying recipe storage
  • Model app to let the central team manage the recipes
  • Integration with Azure Search to implement the advanced search capabilities
  • Increase brand consumption by inspiring the markets through unique recipes
  • Potential to expand the US based recipes towards a global scale and onboard recipes from other regions as well