Accelerate your digital transformation through low coding

Low coding… say what?!

Low coding, the new kid on the block, has had many different names in the last decade. Rapid Application Development, Bi-modal IT to name a few, are all means to solve the same problem: allow IT to keep up with the high demand of business to become digitally mature.

And that’s exactly where IT is facing its biggest problem: they can’t keep up! This is due to multiple reasons: expertise is difficult to find, most of the time too expensive to keep and all capacity is consumed for the maintenance of mission-critical systems. This leaves no to limited capacity left for delivering the innovative applications required for successful digital transformation.

Within this context, low coding can play a crucial role in your organization. It allows you to embed an additional way to deliver business apps & automation in your organization, next to the already existing IT application development model.The low code model itself consists out of 3 major elements:

  • Strategy
    Before jumping into development, a positive business case, funding, sponsorship and a view on which projects can be achieved through low coding, will increase your chance for success.
  • Operating model
  • Having the right people in the right surrounding is key! Therefore, take the time to define an operating model that will make up your low code environment.
  • Low code development platform
  • Sure, you can’t succeed without your low code development environment. Luckily you are at the right place to learn all about Microsoft’s –low code- Business Application Framework, consisting out of PowerApps, Flow and the Common Data Service. For more information please consult our dedicated page.

Benefits of low coding

When successfully implemented, a numerous amount of benefits can be expected through low coding.

  • Increase delivery of business applications & business automation 
    As mentioned before, low coding allows you to increase your application development & business automation capacity. This results in an increase of application delivery and will have an immediate –positive- impact on your digital transformation.
  • Close the gap between business & IT 
    Another positive effect is the liaison between business & IT. As low coding is both a business & IT responsibility, you will see that the typical GAP and misconceptions we have about each other will slowly disappear.
  • Secured data and increase in supported IT applications 
    In many organizations a lot of business critical data still resides in unsupported IT applications/sheets (think of self-built access databases & advanced Excel sheets). Thanks to the easiness of on boarding these databases & excel sheets into a low code platform like PowerApps and the Common Data Service, you decrease the risks of losing data and making wrong decisions due to false excel formulas.

How to get started with low coding?

Now that you have a better view on the context and benefits of low coding, you might be wondering how to get started. Here at Appfie, we have developed a 3-step approach that guarantee success:

Can you benefit from low coding?
Gain an in-depth understanding on low coding and the benefits it can bring to your organization. Thanks to our introduction session and low coding survey you will be able to convince your organization and show them the great value it can bring along.
Prepare the low code organization
Once you are convinced of the benefits it’s time to make the necessary preparations to get started. In this step, we focus on the scoping of the 'low code' projects, the setup the low code team and the setup of the PowerApps & Flow solution.
Low code application development
When it's time to start delivering, Appfie can help you with the delivery of your PowerApps & Flow projects.

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