Visitor Registration

The following solution can be found at Campari Reception (Australia and Singapore, global expansion ongoing) for all the external visitors that want to “Sign In” into the office to visit a Host. The Host can manage the invite and notify the receptionist about his availability to receive the visitor.

Product capabilities
  • Allow external Visitors to check in and check out 
  • Company Host notification system
Solution components
  • Power App with Campari branding style used by the visitors
  • Power Automate to manage the Check In and Check Out process
  • MS Teams to notify the Company Host. Hosts are also able to confirm or highlight a delay towards the receptionist
  • Office 365 Connector to get the Company Host details
  • SharePoint usage for data storage and management
  • With this solution we provide a simple and quick interface where the external visitors can register their visit.
  • The internal hosts are instantly notified within their MS Teams environment and are able to notify the reception in case of delays