How you can capitalize on the mobile-empowered workforce?

The explosion of smartphones and tablets has created a new way of working, making an office or a desk less important in many organisations. A new way of working with also more diverse teams working full-time or part-time, including freelancers or partners, etc. This shift on how we work, the new relationships between departments, extended and external teams, requires a new approach on how we deliver mobile applications.

Low-code development as a mobile strategy

If your business isn’t ready for mobile device users, you’re surely missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your target audience and increase revenue. So, if you’re still facing a ‘knowing-versus-doing’ gap, start the definition of your mobile strategy and include the power of low coding to gain:

  • Greater ability to tap into existing data and generate more business value
  • Lower cost to deploy rich applications
  • Rapid deployment and enable experimentation of new ideas and adapt based on learnings.
  • Stronger collaboration between business and IT.
  • Lower risk, with built-in consistency and governance.

Our solutions

Low code discovery program

The Appfie discovery program is designed to show you how to take the mystery out of low code development. It provides you the first insight and actual steps to implement a low code strategy within your organisation and identify your digital transformation challenges.


Not all teams are waiting for instructor-led training. Therefore, Appfie organizes a hackathon, based on your use case. A full day workshop that will show you what PowerApps is all about and create your app.


Appfie is a team of experienced developers and creates a wide variety of apps for all our customers. If you have no development capacity left, just provide us your idea, and we do the rest.