Accelerate your low code journey

Embedding low coding as a strategic digital transformation journey within your organisation can seem quite overwhelming. What you need is an experienced partner that can guide you right from the start with best practices on how to successfully embed such a strategy in your organisation. Thanks to our years of years of experience, we have created a low code accelerator that will guide you through 3 core domains: program, organisational & platform governance. This accelerator, combined with our low code & technical coaches, form the baseline for your success!

Domain 1: Program Governance

Identify the value that will be achieved through citizen development and the Power Platform, and build a low code community that can deliver to the expectations

Define & Setup

  • Your organisation's strategy to accelerate digital transformation through low coding and the Power Platform
  • An identified low code pipeline


Our low code coaches will guide you along the way and will assist you in:

  • Continuously monitoring and tailoring of the low code adoption
  • Execution of organisational change & community building activities

Domain 2: Organisational Governance

Build your organisation around the Power Platform and your citizen development objectives. Our accelerator easily allows you to define the roles, responsibilities, competence needs, and much more.

Define & Setup

  • Understand the basics of the Power Platform through an inspirational session
  • Organisational best practices on how to setup an efficient citizen development environment
  • Define the roles, responsibilities and procedures specific for your organisation
  • Identify the competence gap within your organisation to successfully execute the identified roles and responsibilities
  • Organise the initial training hackathons


  • A step-by-step approach during the first apps that your citizen developers build onto the Power Platform
  • Continuous outstanding citizen developer coaching and support
  • Advanced support and guidance for the COE team members
  • If you don't have enough capacity to deliver the pipeline, our development team can assist you occasionally or in a structured manner

Domain 3: Platform Governance

Ensure that the Power Platform is setup correctly and can scale along the expected growth of citizen development in your organisation. Our accelerator will guide your through all the necessary pillars to successfully roll out the Power Platform in your organisation

Define & Setup

  • Get a complete understanding on the governance capabilities of the Power Platform, going from environments, solutions, ALM, SDLC, Data Management, Monitoring, and much more.
  • Define the initial governance requirements for your organisation
  • Implement the CoE toolkit and defined requirements


Our technical coaches will guide you along the way and will assist you in:

  • Continuously monitoring the adoption of the Power Platform
  • Continuously evaluating and tailoring your Platform governance setup

Some of the organisations we are empowering...

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And we understand you! Maybe you need some help to kick-start this journey? Or you just want to see the platform working? Or most important of all, you want to know if low-code development will add value to your business?

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