No matter how good the technology is, how we choose to introduce those technologies, can make or break their success in an organisation.

So our approach became our biggest strength!


Get started with low coding through our kick-start program. The program is designed to provide you with all necessary insights into what low coding is all about, and learn all that is to know about the Microsoft Power Platform. 


The best practices on how to setup, manage and integrate the Power Platform in your existing IT landscape

You will get

  • Your low code objectives
  • Organisational insights on how to setup the best team for the job
  • Your strategy to accelerate your digital transformation roadmap through low coding and the Power Platform


Our low code acceleration program will support the implementation of your low code strategy.
Start the implementation of your low code roadmap at your own pace and train/inspire the right people in your organisation.


The basics of PowerApps, Flow, CDS and Power BI through inspirational sessions and Initial training for your users

You will get

  • The business needs of all high priority projects in your low code pipeline
  • The complete setup of the Power Platform including branded templates and the integration with your existing applications
  • Our hands-on "Hackathon-Style" training
  • A guiding hand throughout the first apps that you build onto the Power Platform


Your low code applications are running and you are ready to increase your return on your platform investment. 
Our continuous growth program is the way to go !


How to monitor and maintain the platform in terms of ALM, data governance and security

You will get

  • The delivery of modern app solutions
  • The availability of resources where needed
  • Platform governance support for the Power Platform
  • Outstanding citizen developers coaching and support

Not sure yet?

And we understand you! Maybe you need some help to kick-start this journey? Or you just want to see the platform working? Or most important of all, you want to know if low-code development will add value to your business?

We got your back!

Go for our discovery workshop — a full day package with inspirational sessions and a big chunk of practical details. Invite the people you need, give us the address, and we’ll be there.