Meet the A-Team

Gert Vonck
Bruno Correia
Miguel Oliveira
Jonas Wauters
Frederik Bisback
Joao Pinto
Dimitri Vantorre
Sandro Monteiro
Tom Saenen

"A digital and mobile world, even at work."

Over the last decade, our lives have been significantly impacted by the digital & mobile explosion—well, at least in our private space. The situation at work has not yet evolved as dramatically. Themes like digital, mobile, connectivity, agility, are a real issue for many organizations that struggle to keep up.

However, times are changing. Microsoft has invested heavily in its cloud solutions such as the Power Platform, including Power BI, PowerApps, Flow & the Common Data Service. This platform causes a significant change in the way we think, build & maintain our ICT landscape!

“Power to the people!”

Or in this case, “Power to the citizen developer,” a new breed of trendy colleagues that, thanks to low code development platforms, can participate in the delivery of digital business solutions.

So, what about Appfie? Well, we love this trend!

The digital (r)evolution became the new normal in our personal life. Now is the time to continue that movement in our professional environment. But, with great citizen development powers, comes great responsibility. A citizen developer building one app is nice, but what about embedding a framework that empowers your organisation to build hundreds?! And that’s where we step in. 

Appfie wants to be your trusted low code partner, your guide from the early steps you take in the low code journey until you are happy with the recurring ROI you get out of it.